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About the Artist

I started painting as a child after seeing the detailed wildlife artwork of Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders, as well as paintings in museums.  I remember studying these paintings up close and being amazed at how detailed and lifelike these images could be, and I had a desire to learn how it was done.  

Most popular and public artwork was, of course, modern in style, and it seemed no one was teaching traditional painting techniques.  So, using the power of the Internet, I began studying art and art techniques through online forums, books, and other sources.

I enjoy the challenge that painting realism creates.  Much like the slow-food movement, there is a certain appreciation and quality that comes with taking one's time with the creation of a work of art.  Many of these paintings took weeks or months to complete, and are built up in meticulous layers.  For some of the miniatures that might be shown here, I use a 10/0 spotter brush only a few hairs thick.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my artwork, and I hope that you enjoy your purchase as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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Artist Portfolio:

Comments from “From Paws to Plumage – The Wildlife Art of Linda Merchant” one-woman show at Penitentiary Glen Nature Center, Kirtland Ohio.

“Impressed and amazed by not only Linda's skill, but the intense empathy she captures for the animals! Her talent and devotion to painting are inspiring!” - JZ

“Loved it – such talent! Loved the cake and candy! And of course the animals. So real – just WOW.” - JC

“Talented – beautiful paintings – professional!! What a treat for the eyes and soul!”

“Extraordinary Work! Linda – thank you for reviving realism in your art. The show is just a display of stunning work.” - LS

“Rich, vivid colors with beautiful depictions of the wildlife.” - KC

“Linda Merchant is Amazing – Thought some were photographs instead of oil on canvas. Congrats on another quality show!!” - MR

“Quality of light on feathers and fur; the way Linda has captured expression and animal intelligence in their eyes. Information on how pigments were made from natural materials was awesome. Think about what the famous old masters had to prepare before they sat down to paint!” - SR

“Wonderful, beautiful work! Love your style.” - BF

“The picture 'Last Light' – a remarkable talent to depict light – I kept looking for an actual light source – but it's the painting itself that lights up.”

“Stunning animal paintings – Ms. Merchant's talent is God-givem!” - JT

“Enjoyed viewing the original paintings of the gifted Linda Merchant. Liked the paintings of the animals, as well as the fruits and vegetables. The 'apple' looks so real!” - JK

“My 8 year old daughter likes the fennec fox – she says it is sooo cute and looks just like the real one. I like the Anatomy of an Oil painting, watching the painting come to life. Well done! Every fruit looks good enough to eat and every animal ready to scurry away.” - JL

“Beautiful and realistic paintings. I so enjoyed seeing them in real life. What God given talent.” - KD

“We are extremely impressed with your technique. Each print is beautiful.” - JL

“Absolutely beautiful work – Thank you!” - EP

“Wonderful! Very impressive.” - SB

“It is all absolutely stunning and awesome. Thank you we are grateful!” - JK

“Beautiful! Renditions of wildlife and miscellaneous. Soft, sensual, and accurate in style. I, too, am a wildlife artist and can appreciate your work.” - TR

“Artist shows not only great talent but also great sensitivity to her subjects.” - JA

The "Direct from the Artist" Advantage
Many collectors, when they consider buying works of art, they think of going to a gallery.  However, galleries, with their brick and mortar locations, have many expenses - building rent, utilities, upkeep - and all of this must be factored into the price of the work of art.  When buying a painting directly from the artist, you receive the same quality art, at a lower cost.


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