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Silver Sixpence Silver Coin Pendant Wedding Jewelry England Lion Sterling Silver 1910s 1920s

This delicate silver pendant is handcrafted from an authentic silver sixpence from England. It features a lion rampant on a crown, and a portrait of George V on the reverse. It is traditional for the bride to carry a sixpence on her wedding day, and this would make the perfect gift for a bridal shower.

Country: England
Year: 1911-1927
Value: 6 Pence
Coin Composition: .500 Silver (1911-1920 may be .925 silver)
Bezel: Sterling Silver, 20mm

While I generally keep this coin in stock, please allow a few extra days before shipping to allow for fabrication time. The patina and year may vary from the picture, as each coin is unique.

The metal of the coin may be left to patina, or may be polished with a polishing compound or cloth.

Each type of coin is only available in limited quantities, but coin jewelry may also be ordered wholesale. If you are looking for a particular type of coin, please contact me and I will check availability!


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